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service logistics

n. 1. (Bot.) A name given to several trees and shrubs of the genus Pyrus, as Pyrus domestica and P. torminalis of Europe, the various species of mountain ash or rowan tree, and the American shad bush (see Shad bush, under Shad). They have clusters of small, edible, applelike berries.Service berry
(Bot.) the fruit of any kind of service tree. In British America the name is especially applied to that of the several species or varieties of the shad bush (Amelanchier.

1. The act of serving; the occupation of a servant; the performance of labor for the benefit of another, or at another's command; attendance of an inferior, hired helper, slave, etc., on a superior, employer, master, or the like; also, spiritual obedience and love.
Madam, I entreat true peace of you,
Which I will purchase with my duteous service.
- Shak.
God requires no man's service upon hard and unreasonable terms.
- Tillotson.
2. The deed of one who serves; labor performed for another; duty done or required; office.
I have served him from the hour of my nativity, . . . and have nothing at his hands for my service but blows.
- Shak.
This poem was the last piece of service I did for my master, King Charles.
- Dryden.
To go on the forlorn hope is a service of peril; who will understake it if it be not also a service of honor?
- Macaulay.
3. Office of devotion; official religious duty performed; religious rites appropriate to any event or ceremonial; as, a burial service.
The outward service of ancient religion, the rites, ceremonies, and ceremonial vestments of the old law.
- Coleridge.
4. Hence, a musical composition for use in churches.
5. Duty performed in, or appropriate to, any office or charge; official function; hence, specifically, military or naval duty; performance of the duties of a soldier.
When he cometh to experience of service abroad . . . ne maketh a worthy soldier.
- Spenser.
6. Useful office; advantage conferred; that which promotes interest or happiness; benefit; avail.
The stork's plea, when taken in a net, was the service she did in picking up venomous creatures.
- L'Estrange.
7. Profession of respect; acknowledgment of duty owed.
8. The act and manner of bringing food to the persons who eat it; order of dishes at table; also, a set or number of vessels ordinarily used at table; as, the service was tardy and awkward; a service of plate or glass.
There was no extraordinary service seen on the board.
- Hakewill.
9. (Law) The act of bringing to notice, either actually or constructively, in such manner as is prescribed by law; as, the service of a subpŒna or an attachment.
10. (Naut.) The materials used for serving a rope, etc., as spun yarn, small lines, etc.
11. (Tennis) The act of serving the ball.
12. Act of serving or covering. See Serve, v. t., 13.Service book
a prayer book or missal.
Service line
(Tennis) a line parallel to the net, and at a distance of 21 feet from it.
Service of a writ
(Law) personal delivery or communication of the writ or process, etc., to the party to be affected by it, so as to subject him to its operation; the reading of it to the person to whom notice is intended to be given, or the leaving of an attested copy with the person or his attorney, or at his usual place of abode.
Service of an attachment
(Law) the seizing of the person or goods according to the direction.
Service of an execution
(Law) the levying of it upon the goods, estate, or person of the defendant.
Service pipe
a pipe connecting mains with a dwelling, as in gas pipes, and the like.
To accept service
(Law) See under Accept.
- Tomlinson.
To see service
(Mil.) to do duty in the presence of the enemy, or in actual war.

Noun 1. service - work done by one person or group that benefits another; "budget separately for goods and services"
2. service - a company or agency that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
3. service - the act of public worship following prescribed rules; "the Sunday service"
Synonyms: divine service, religious service
4. service - an act of help or assistance; "he did them a service"
disservice, ill service, ill turn - an act intended to help that turns out badly; "he did them a disservice"
5. service - employment in or work for another; "he retired after 30 years of service"
6. service - a force that is a branch of the armed forces
Synonyms: armed service, military service
7. service - the performance of duties by a waiter or servant; "that restaurant has excellent service"
8. service - periodic maintenance on a car or machine; "it was time for an overhaul on the tractor"
Synonyms: inspection and repair, overhaul
9. service - tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table
Synonyms: table service
10. service - (sports) a stroke that puts the ball in play; "his powerful serves won the game"
Synonyms: serve
11. service - the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone; "he accepted service of the subpoena"
Synonyms: service of process, serving
12. Service - Canadian writer (born in England) who wrote about life in the Yukon Territory (1874-1958)
Synonyms: Robert William Service
13. service - a means of serving; "of no avail"; "there's no help for it"
Synonyms: avail, help
14. service - the act of mating by male animals; "the bull was worth good money in servicing fees"
Synonyms: servicing
15. service - (law) the acts performed by an English feudal tenant for the benefit of his lord which formed the consideration for the property granted to him
Verb 1. service - be used by; as of a utility; "The sewage plant served the neighboring communities"; "The garage served to shelter his horses"
Synonyms: serve
2. service - make fit for use; "service my truck"; "the washing machine needs to be serviced"
3. service - mate with; "male animals serve the females for breeding purposes"
Synonyms: serve

SERVICE, contracts. The being employed to serve another.
2. In cases of seduction, the gist of the action is not injury which the seducer has inflicted on the parent by destroying his peace of mind, and the reputation of his child, but for the consequent inability to perform those services for which she was accountable to her master or her parent who assumes this character for the purpose Vide Seduction, and 2 Mees. & W. 539; 7 Car. & P. 528.

SERVICE, feudal law. That duty which the tenant owes to his lord, by reason of his fee or estate.
2. The services, in respect of their quality, were either free or base, and in respect of their quantity and the time of exacting them, were either certain or uncertain. 2 Bl. Com. 62.
3. In the civil law by service is sometimes understood servitude. (q.v.)

SERVICE, practice. To execute a writ or process; as, to serve a writ of capias signifies to arrest a defendant under the process; Kirby, 48; 2 Aik. R. 338; 11 Mass. 181; to serve a summons, is to deliver a copy of it at the house of the party, or to deliver it to him personally, or to read it to him; notices and other papers are served by delivering the same at the house of the party, or to him in person.
2. When the service of a writ is prevented by the act of the party on whom it is to be served, it will, in general, be sufficient if the officer do everything in his power to serve it. 39 Eng. C. L. R. 431 1 M. & G. 238.

Dictionary of Computing
(networking, programming) service - Work performed (or offered) by a server. This may mean simply serving simple requests for data to be sent or stored (as with file servers, gopher or http servers, e-mail servers, finger servers, SQL servers, etc.); or it may be more complex work, such as that of irc servers, print servers, X Windows servers, or process servers.

E.g. "Access to the finger service is restricted to the local subnet, for security reasons".

In economics and marketing, a service is the non-material equivalent of a good. Service provision has been defined as an economic activity that does not result in ownership, and this is what differentiates it from providing physical goods. It is claimed to be a process that creates benefits by facilitating either a change in customers, a change in their physical possessions, or a change in their intangible assets.

By supplying some level of skill, ingenuity, and experience, providers of a service participate in an economy without the restrictions of carrying stock (inventory) or the need to concern themselves with bulky raw materials. On the other hand, their investment in expertise does require marketing and upgrading in the face of competition which has equally few physical restrictions.

Key attributesServices can be described in terms of their main attributes.

Intangibility - They cannot be seen, handled, smelled, etc. There is no need for storage. Because they are difficult to conceptualize, services marketing requires creative visualizations to effectively make the intangible more concrete. From the customer's point of view, this makes it difficult to evaluate or compare services prior to experiencing the service.
Perishability - Unsold service time is "lost", that is, it cannot be regained. It is a lost economic opportunity. For example a doctor that is booked for only two hours a day cannot later work those hours— she has lost her economic opportunity.
Lack of transportability - Services must be consumed at the point of "production".
Lack of homogeneity - Services are typically modified for each client or each new situation (customised). Mass production of services is very difficult. This can be seen as a problem of inconsistent quality. Both inputs and outputs to the processes involved providing services are highly variable, as are the relationships between these processes, making it difficult to maintain consistent quality.
Labour intensity - Services usually involve considerable human activity, rather than precicely determined process. Human resource management is important. The human factor is often the key success factor in service industries. It is difficult to achieve economies of scale or gain dominant market share.
Demand fluctuations - It is very difficult to estimate demand. Demand can vary by season, time of day, business cycle, etc.
Buyer involvement - Most service provision requires a high degree of interaction between client and service provider.

Service DeliveryThe delivery of a service typically involves five factors:

The service providers (e.g. the people)
Equipment used to provide the service (e.g. vehicles, cash registers)
The physical facilities (e.g. buildings, parking, waiting rooms)
The client
Other customers at the service delivery location
The service encounter is defined as all activities involved in the service delivery process. Some service managers use the term "moment of truth" to indicate that defining point in a specific service encounter where interactions are most intense.

Many business theorists view service provision as a performance or act (sometimes humorously referred to as dramalurgy, perhaps in reference to ). The location of the service delivery is referred to as the stage and the objects that facilitate the service process are called props. A script is a sequence of behaviours followed by all those involved, including the client(s). Some service dramas are tightly scripted, others are more ad lib. Role congruence occurs when each actor follows a script that harmonizes with the roles played by the other actors. >

alt text
Service-Goods continuum>

The Service-Goods ContinuumThe dichotomy between physical goods and intangible services should not be given too much credence. These are not discrete categories. Most business theorists see a continuum with pure service on one terminal point and pure commodity good on the other terminal point. Most products fall between these two extremes. For example, a restaurant provides a physical good (the food) and also provides a service.

In a narrower sense, service refers to quality] of servicing: the measured appropriateness of assistance and support provided to a customer. (This usage occurs frequently in retailing.)

Examples of economic servicesconstruction
data processing
education provision
financial services
health provision
language translation and language interpretation
dry cleaning
library (government funded)
sexual services (Where this is legal)
provision of narcotics (Where this is legal or decriminalised)
banks and building societies

See Alsomarketing
tertiary sector of industry
services marketing
experience economy

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n. 1. (Mil.) That branch of the military art which embraces the details of moving and supplying armies. The meaning of the word is by some writers extended to include strategy.
2. The planning and coordination of the movement of materials, and other details of any large activity, such as a business or a political campaign.
3. (Math.) A system of arithmetic, in which numbers are expressed in a scale of 60; logistic arithmetic.

Noun 1. logistics - handling an operation that involves providing labor and materials be supplied as needed

In military and business, logistics experts manage how and when to move resources to the places they are needed. In military science, maintaining ones supply lines while disrupting those of the enemy is a crucial, and some would say the most crucial element, of military strategy.
There are two basically different forms of logistics. One optimizes a steady flow of material through a network of transportation links and storage nodes. The other coordinates a sequence of resources to carry out some project.

Logistic FlowSteady-state flow systems are usually optimized for one of several goals: avoid shortages of the object (in military systems, especially for fuel and ammunition), minimize transportation cost, minimum time to obtain an object, or minimum total storage (time and amount) of objects (to minimize the interest losses of in-storage inventory). Logistic flow is particularly important in just in time manufacturing in which great emphasis is placed on minimizing inventory.
A recent trend in large distribution chains is to assign these goals to individual stock items, rather than optimizing the entire system for one goal. This is possible because the plans usually describe stock amounts to be stored at particular locations, and these vary depending on the strategy.

The basic method of optimizing a steady-state distribution system is to use a minimum spanning tree to characterize the transport network, and then place storage locations at the nodes, sized to handle the minimum, average, or maximum demand of items.

Quite often, the demand is limited by the transportation capacity out of the node's storage location. When the transportation out of a storage node exceeds its storage or incoming capacity, the storage is useful only to even out the amount of transportation per unit of time, to reduce peak loads on the transportation system.

Project LogisticsProject logistics experts discover the sequence in which a project will use particular resources. They then arrange to send the resources so that they will arrive when needed. Generally, these plans use critical path analysis.
Many haulage organisations in Europe include the word "logistics" in their company name. The largest privately owned British haulage company is Eddie Stobart Ltd, who has a large fan base of 'Eddie Spotters'.

See alsocommercial vehicle operations
food distribution
intelligent transportation system
logistics automation
supply chain management

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