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n. 1. One who trucks; a trafficker.
No man having ever yet driven a saving bargain with this great trucker for souls.
- South.

Noun 1. trucker - someone who drives a truck as an occupation
Synonyms: truck driver, teamster

Related Words
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n 1. A report of recent occurrences; information of something that has lately taken place, or of something before unknown; fresh tidings; recent intelligence.
Evil news rides post, while good news baits.
- Milton.
2. Something strange or newly happened.
It is no news for the weak and poor to be a prey to the strong and rich.
- L'Estrange.
3. A bearer of news; a courier; a newspaper.
There cometh a news thither with his horse.
- Pepys.

Noun 1. news - new information about specific and timely events; "they awaited news of the outcome"
Synonyms: tidings, word, intelligence
2. news - new information of any kind; "it was news to me"
3. news - a program devoted to news; "we watch the 7 o'clock news every night"
Synonyms: news program, news show
4. news - information reported in a newspaper or news magazine; "the news of my death was greatly exaggerated"
5. news - the quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletins; "the judge conceded the newsworthiness of the trial"; "he is no longer news in the fashion world"
Synonyms: newsworthiness

Dictionary of Computing
1. NeWS - /nee'wis/, /n[y]oo'is/ or /n[y]ooz/ Network extensible Window System.

Many hackers insist on the two-syllable pronunciations above as a way of distinguishing NeWS from news (the netnews software).
2. news - See netnews.

Networked Extensible Windowing System (Sun)

To hear good news in your dream, signifies that you will be fortunate in your endeavours and will have many harmonious companions. The contrary is true if you dream of hearing bad news.

News is the reporting of current events usually by local, regional or mass media in the form of newspapers, television and radio programs, or sites on the World Wide Web. News reporting is a type of journalism, typically written or broadcast in news style. Most news is investigated and presented by journalists (or reporters) and often distributed via news agencies. If the content of news is significant enough, it eventually becomes history.
To be considered news, an event usually must have broad interest due to one or more news values:

Impact (how many people were, are or will be affected?)
Timeliness (did the event occur very recently?)
Revelation (is there significant new information, previously unknown?)
Proximity (was the event nearby geographically?)
Entertainment (does it make for a fun story?)
Oddity (was the event highly unusual?)
Celebrity (was anyone famous involved?)
News coverage often includes the "five W's and the H" -- who, what, where, when, why, and how.

The derivation of the word "news" is debated. One theory is that it is an acronym for the four cardinal directions (North, East, West, and South), but most etymologists believe the more prosaic explanation that it comes from the word "new", reflecting the fact that most news involves events that just happened.

In democracies, news organizations are often expected to aim for objectivity: reporters cover both sides in a controversy and try to eliminate bias. This is not true of all organizations in all cultures. For instance, British newspapers make little pretence that their reports are neutral - each has its own political stance, and news reports generally reflect the company line.

Many single-party states have operated state-run news organizations, which may present the government's views. Even in those situations where objectivity is expected, it is difficult to achieve, and individual journalists may fall foul of their own personal bias, or succumb to commercial or political pressures. Individuals and organizations who are the subject of news reports may use news management techniques to ensure that they make a favourable impression.

See alsoNews junkie

NeWS, for Network extensible Window System, was a window system developed by Sun Microsystems in the late 1980s. Its primary architect was James Gosling, who subsequently designed Java.
Based on PostScript (PS), NeWS started by modifing the PostScript interpreter to run in a cooperative multitasking fashion. Unlike PostScript in a printer, NeWS would be displaying a number of PS programs at the same time on one screen, so some form of multitasking was required. Contrary to popular belief, NeWS is unrelated to Display PostScript, instead it is a similar product, but generally considered superior because of it's clean inclusion of commands to create windows and manage events, and the object system, all of which DPS left up to outside (and often totally different and platform-specific) interfaces.

In addition, NeWS added a complete view hierarchy system, based on viewports known as canvases. Like the view system in most GUIs, it included the concept of a tree of embedded views along which events were passed. It also included a complete model for events (including timers and other "automatic" events), input queues for devices, and other functionality required for full interaction. But by far the most interesting addition was a complete object oriented (OO) programming style with inheritance. This eliminated the need for an external OO language to build a complete application.

Since all of these additions were added as additional PostScript keywords, it was possible to write simple PostScript code that would result in a running, onscreen, interactive program. For instance one of the common examples was an onscreen clock, which required about two pages of PS code.

NeWS also included a library (several actually) of user interface elements (widgets), written in NeWS. These widgets ran all of their behaviour in the NeWS interpreter, and only required communications to an outside program (or more NeWS code) when the widget demanded it. The best example of such a toolkit is TNT (The NeWS Toolkit) which was released by Sun in 1989.

For example, a toggle button's display routine can query the button's state (pressed or not) and change its display accordingly. The button can also react to mouse clicks by changing its state from pressed to not pressed and vice versa. All this can happen in the windowing server without interaction with the client program, and only when the mouse is released on the button will an event be sent off for handling.

This was more sophisticated than a "dumb" X Window System server, which can only report "mouse clicked on button" events to a client, which then has to switch the state, and finally instruct the server to display the new state. If client and server are not on the same machine, these interactions must travel over the network, slowing the feedback loop down unnecessarily.

Several companies licensed NeWS and adapted it for various uses.There were only a few companies committed to this unproven technology. SGI used it to replace their proprietary GL windowing system. The OpenLook version of FrameMaker developed by Frame Technology Corp. with funding mainly from Sun Microsystems and NSA at the time was one of the few commercial products successfully run on NeWS. The freely-available X11 was already quite popular, so the first versions of NeWS emulated X11 by translating the calls into NeWS PostScript. Speed problems plus the existence of programs that relied on the exact pixel results of X11 calls, forced Sun to release an X11+NeWS hybrid called Xnews which ran an X server in parallel with the interpreter, which seriously degraded the NeWS interpreter performance and did not really result in a very good X server either. Sun also attempted to emulate the look & feel of OpenLook with a toolkit built on the same Xt (X Intrinsics) base as Motif, called OLIT, so that X programs could be made to look identical. After it was clear that OpenLook had lost out to Motif in popularity, and after Adobe acquired FrameMaker, products on NeWS simply vanished. Most UNIX workstations (including Sun's) now run the X Window System.

The case can be made that a graphics engine where the code can be placed in either the screen engine or the application code needs to be considered as well, from any practical standpoint, Display PostScript offered the same power and flexibility for almost none of the complexity.

Why did NeWS fail? There is no doubt that in many ways NeWS had a superior design for thin-networked clients, by moving much of the processing to the display, and separating graphical user interface semantics from client program semantics.

Possible reasons for its failure in the market include:

PostScript is not a good programming language for humans. A "compiler" from a C-like syntax called pdb (PostScript Done Better) was developed but was not a supported Sun product.
Writing NeWS apps required coding both client-side code and server-side code in two different programming languages. Communication between the two sides was very undeveloped and quite difficult.
NeWS may have been ahead of its time and user requirements in the sophistication level of its graphical and user-interface capabilities
NeWS had much less of an advantage when the client and server ran on the same machine, and the network computing model never took off sufficiently to justify the extra complexity
NeWS needed to be licensed from Sun, while the source code for the X Window System was freely distributed.

External links NeWS origins


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